Let's make a system!

I LOVE mysteries and suspense-thrillers. You know why? I love taking a concept apart and analyzing it. I think it's fun! For this reason, I think digging into a new or changing business and figuring out the "how"s "what"s "where"s and "why"s is very exciting. It can be especially overwhelming for business owners and managers who aren't sure where to start creating a new system. Let me help you work through the growing pains. Maybe you're only missing one step.


Roles, Checks & Balances

Does every team member know what their purpose is? Is there a set routine to make sure everything you need is being done? Is it being checked? I can help understand your business and team needs by making sure efforts aren't being duplicated and nothing is being missed.

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Tracking Clients, Projects & Tasks

There are very few businesses who wouldn't benefit from having a functioning CRM system that everyone knows how to use. There are so many options out there and they can be difficult to set up and get in the habit of using. I can help find the right one for you.



Customized for Your Business

Trying to get the ball rolling but keep running into needing forms you don't have? This can be a pain for new businesses. Looking for forms on the web can be a nightmare, it seems every "free form" has strings and subscriptions attached. I can field through the headache for you and create your own form complete with your logo and contact info.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Commit to Your Brand

Handbooks can be incredibly helpful when things are new and changing in the way a business performs. Create easy to reference FAQs and procedures so you're not always free-wheeling every situation. It also helps to bring the team together and get everyone on the same page. Commit to your brand with a handbook.

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